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XBOAT is a smart remote control bait boat, which is generally used to help fisherman transporting baits to a target position on water. The streamline concept of Xboat shape design was from supercar and yacht. It integrated the handle into the body, which make it more fashionable and professional. Xboat uses an industrial motor and DSS (double sealing system) water proof technique, which guarantee no water leaking even being used under bad water condition. And by using together with optional built-in GPS sonar fishfinder, Xboat can detect fishing condition in water area more than 500m away from the river bank. The fishing condition includes water depth, water temperature, fish location, bottom condition, etc. And with GPS function, it can guarantee the user transporting baits to the same position every time. Which is very important during fishing. Moreover, the most attractive design for the Xboat is the controlling system. It integrated all electronic system into 2 boxes, ESC box and CCU box, which make it more stable and very easy for maintain.

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