Kamo 360 3 cell Lipo Package with I6x Remote

From R12,592.5 R11,962.9

The Kamo 360 is in my opinion the best locally made bait boat geared for the Specimen Fisherman.

Colours: Red, Lime green, White, Orange, Black, Magenta, Hydro camo

Single or Double or Extra large bait bucket available

The Lipo package comes with:

Flysky i6x Remote

Antenna bracket

1 x 3 cell 5000 Lipo, 1 x 3 cell 2200 Lipo

C1 XR Charger

We will contact you to confirm color & bucket options after you place your order if Hydro not selected.

ETA 2 weeks if not in stock


Courier Box
Must be taken if you want it delivered.
Bait Boat Bag
Custom Bag for your new boat
Bait Boat Bag FF
Fish finder bag
Hydro Dip
Kamo hydro dip color
Hydro Candy Forge
Kamo hydro dip color
Voltage Monitor
Monitor Main battery voltage of the boat from your I6X Remote
Electronic Switches
Turn lights on from the remote control
Fish Finders
Standard Fish Finders
Fish Finders with GPS
Save your fishing spots with GPS
Fish finder battery
You would need 2 battery units, 1 for display and 1 for the unit in the boat.
Gps systems with Auto Pilot
Note if you select any of the Toslon Auto Pilot systems you will need to upgrade the speed controller on the boat to have reverse function.
Speed Controller
Speed Controller with reverse, needed if Toslon Auto Pilot
3 Cell Lipo main battery
Extra main battery
Battery Checker
Test your battery condition
Lipo safe
Lipo fire safe bag
Eagle Eye LEDS
Bucket switch
Bypass remote loading with switch
Top loading Bait Bucket
Top loading Bait Bucket

Available on backorder