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Toslon TF-520 is the latest model of wireless sonar dedicated to remote-controlled boats. The range of 300m will allow you to transport the sets or examine the structure as well as the hardness of the bottom at large distances, and the use of a narrow cone facilitates precise interpretation of details such as hills, fallen trees, underwater vegetation or fish swimming in the vicinity. Thanks to the anti-interference filter, the fishfinder stably transmits the reading to the screen, without any interruptions or interference caused by, for example, overlapping frequency bands of other boat users. The 4.3-inch display with a resolution of 480 * 272 Pixels in combination with a rich palette of up to 65536 colors allows for easy and precise interpretation of indications.

Battery pack
Display battery pack
Battery Inside boat
Battery to run transmitter
Head unit charger
Toslon TF520
Toslon Fish Finder

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