CarpeDiem’s Specimen Pro Bait Boat (New Digital version)

Sale price R29,898.85

CarpeDiem’s Specimen Pro Boat

The total package!

Not only does it look the part, but this boat has it all, GPS, Fish finder, Auto Pilot, carry bags, Tripod, Batteries.

Please note the camo colors are Hydro dipped so it would have some lighter areas and could be inconsistency in small areas.

Optional Accessories:

Boilie spreader

The warranty will be handled locally by CarpeDiem, so you will have peace of mind that we have your back!

Please call me to see what colors are in stock.


Boilie Spreader
Specimen Pro Boilie Spreader.
Spinner Spreader
Specimen Pro Bait spinner
Rear Buckets
Specimen Pro Bait rear buckets
Solar Charger
Specimen Pro Charger, 1 unit can be fitted.
Remote Rain Jacket
Remote Rain Jacket
Digital Camera
Digital Camera

1 in stock (can be backordered)