Carpediem’s GPS, Fish Finder, Autopilot smart remote!

Now From R20,470.00

Carpediem’s GPS, Fish Finder, Autopilot smart remote!

An all in one system that is affordable and beyond anything else available in our current Market.

Fully installed and backed by Carpediem, do not take delivery option with this product.

Not for self installation.

Excluding any additional hardware that might be required.

Transmitter including RC, GPS, Sonar fish finder, Autopilot functions
Very easy to control the boat,
And GPS can memory 900pcs target point[30pcs fishing group. each group can memory 30pcs points].

Sonar can show underwater depth, fish ,situation. Detect 30meters.

Autopilot lets boat sail by itself without control. Can return to HOME point when boat has no signal.

In order to turn your sonar and lights on/off from the remote you must add the electronic switches to your cart on checkout. 1 per function.

Electronic switch
Turn Lights and fish finder on from the remote
Rain Jacket
Protect your remote from rain

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