CarpeDiem i6x GPS Autopilot system


Professional autopilot system for carp boat

Autopilot 500 points of the latest version. Multi-water capacity 25 reservoirs, 20 points each.

The autopilot operates on the I-bus. To connect, you only need Flysky FS-i6 equipment and a 6-channel receiver.
In the autopilot, the function of auto-return when arriving at a work point is implemented.
Added emergency return when the equipment is turned off or the connection with the receiver is lost.
High accuracy.
Easy installation. There is a video instruction. Direct boat movement when driving in autopilot.

The data that can be seen on the equipment:
1. The number of the selected point and the number of the reservoir.
2. Distance from home point.
3. Battery voltage of the boat (measuring sensor range from 5 to 18 volts).
4. Number of GPS satellites.

Our price includes installation.

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