CarpeDiem i6x GPS Autopilot system


A great budget autopilot system for carp boats

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The new and improved system!

Autopilot 500 points of the latest version. Multi-water capacity 25 reservoirs, 20 points each.

The autopilot operates on the I-bus. To connect, you only need Flysky FS-i6 equipment and a 6-channel receiver.
In the autopilot, the function of auto-return when arriving at a work point is implemented.
Added emergency return when the equipment is turned off or the connection with the receiver is lost.
High accuracy normally within 3.5m satellite dependent.
Easy installation. There is a video instruction. Direct boat movement when driving in autopilot.

The data that can be seen on the equipment:
1. The number of the selected point and the number of the reservoir.
2. Distance from home point.
3. Battery voltage of the boat (measuring sensor range from 5 to 40 volts).
4. Number of GPS satellites.

Our price includes installation.

Things to consider before investing in this product:

  • High winds not supported, this is with most units on the market
  • Not recommended for fishing very tight margins or close to structures. Some user interference might be required if to be attempted.
  • Best to be used in open waters as accuracy is within in 3.5m if all satellites are active, this could be in any direction of the spot.( Min satellites required is 6 for system to navigate correctly).
  • Boat will arc on return to try and miss lines
  • Accuracy is satellite dependent so if high accuracy is required then I would recommend the Toslon range or our Carpediem all in one unit.
  • Boats navigation & throttle components need to be in 100% working order for system to function correctly.
  • Navigation not recommended at high speeds
  • Not as user friendly as the higher priced units such as the Toslon X-Pilot
  • System is calibrated in house, so if any changes are required boat would need to be booked in. Optional display available if you are willing to give it a go yourself.

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